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Better TeacherFaro

We are a group of teachers who recognize the need for teacher training and the difficulty in finding continuous training in time for career progression.

Better Teacher

Better Teacher arose out of the need to find continuous training in the context of career development. From this need came the idea of ​​bringing together, in one place, relevant training and of interest to all recruitment groups. We are a group of teachers who understand this need and we want to be a beacon when it comes to training. We believe that we all have something to learn from others and there is always something innovative. This is the motto for us to become a BETTER TEACHER.


We would also like to send out an invitation:


Come and be part of this community.

Join us. Do not miss out on this project, which aims, above all, to be a reference for continuous, relevant and pertinent training.

We offer honesty, objectivity and professional development.


By associating you will obtain advantages, namely:

Join us. 

Accept the challenge of becoming a Better Teacher.


Contact us:

Better Teacher
Better Teacher
Better Teacher
Better Teacher
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Ask for more information
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