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NEOTEK - Consultoria, Revenda e Assistência TécnicaFaro

NEOTEK - Consultoria, Revenda e Assistência Técnica


Neotek was created in January 2016 to fill the absence in the Algarve market of a specialized technical assistance center for underwater activities, in its recreational and professional aspects.


In its genesis were the almost four decades of José Vieira's multifaceted experience as a sports leader and entrepreneur, trainer of underwater activities and experienced navigator. Added to these are his extensive aptitude and technical certification in all of these areas, which underlines his deep knowledge of breathing equipment for both underwater and surface use.


However, requests for specialized technical support quickly emerged in areas such as boating, water parks, water rescue, first aid and oxygen administration, compressors and fire-fighting breathing equipment, sectors where Neotek's creator, in particular his knowledge and aptitude for precision mechanics, regularly demonstrates its usefulness.


Today, "Consulting, Reseller and Technical Assistance" services for equipment from the various industries where Neotek provides support, with a wide range of services and products, aim to create ingenious and customized solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, from simply, efficiently, quickly and with the highest quality.

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NEOTEK - Consultoria, Revenda e Assistência Técnica
NEOTEK - Consultoria, Revenda e Assistência Técnica
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